Experts in you!

Personalized attention by musicians and violin-makers. Get in contact with us through email, wapp or even better, come and visit us!

Experts in Sound!

Master Violin-makers working closely to professional musicians in every moment, to maximize the sound of instruments of all ranges of prices.

After-Sale Service!

Fowler Instruments we commit ourselves in taking care of the set up of your instrument in your city or very near. Contact us to know the nearest violin-maker who works with us.

Experts in making!

Fowler Instruments is present in all the construction procedures of his instruments, choosing the wood, plans and models, including varnish style and materials...

Experts in modern and old instruments!

Fowler Instruments is always in the search of the violin-making masters of the future and keeps contact with masters. Likewise is assesorated by best Europe’s experts in old instruments who certify and guide our sellings of old instruments.

Master Class, Social Projects, and Concerts!

Fowler Instruments organize and supports Concerts and Master Class for his customers. We also colaborate in social Projects for musicians and donates instruments to musicians with financial problems. Contact us anonymously through you teacher!!